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What is greywater?

Greywater (or grey water or graywater) can be defined as any domestic wastewater produced, excluding sewage. Certain definitions also include water used for dish washing as greywater.

What are greywater sources?

Most common sources of greywater include bathroom sinks, showers and washing machines. In some cases, kitchen sink also generates greywater.

How polluted is greywater?

Greywater is mildly polluted and its contaminants primarily include dirt, body hair and soap and detergent. It contains significantly fewer amount of harmful bacteria (pathogens) compared to sewage.

How is the appearance?

Treated greywater that is sent to toilet flush tanks looks very mildly polluted. Slight coloring happens because of addition of disinfectant. Click on the thumbnail to see a side-by-side comparison of recycled greywater and fresh drinking greywater.

So, is greywater safe?

Greywater, even after processing, is not suitable for human consumption or for any use that involves direct contact. Since greywater filtering and disinfection involves preliminary treatment that does not remove all dissolved organic contents, recycled greywater is fit for only certain applications.

Why use it for toilet flushing?

A breakup of typical water consumption pattern for a household is shown. It indicates that around 25 per cent of supplied water is used for toilet flushing. It follows that by reusing greywater to flush toilets one can easily save this fresh water from going down the drain and use it for better purposes! Studies have shown that greywater reuse for toilet flushing offers the potential for substantial potable water savings and provides a reliable source of water.

Where can it be used?

JalSevak greywater recycling solution can be installed at individual homes, apartment buildings, hostels, hotels, etc. Incorporating our system during the construction stage is most ideal since separate pipeline for toilet flushing can be easily provided. Retrofitting JalSevak system in existing homes may require additional plumbing.

What are prerequisites?

JalSevak greywater recycling solution relies on greywater. Segregation of greywater from sewage has to happen at the source itself. Fortunately, most modern buildings and homes in India are provided with separate lines for carrying greywater and toilet sewage. This enables our plumbing layout to easily collect greywater for recycling.