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JalSevak Solutions LLP (जलसेवक) is an Indian firm dealing in recycling and reuse of domestic greywater. Our innovative product collects household greywater and reuses it for flushing toilets after filtering and sanitizing.

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Greywater is a mildly-polluted household wastewater that is generated by activities such as hand/body washing, bathing and washing of clothes. Greywater has low concentration of pathogens and bacteria and it can be safely and economically recycled for certain non-potable uses.

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Fresh water is too valuable to waste on activities like toilet flushing.

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Operation of a household greywater recycling system for toilet flushing explained.

  • Safe, no-frill and hassle-free solution
  • Can be installed at existing homes and new construction
  • Specially designed solution for commercial facilities like hostels and hotels
  • Installation and operating costs fraction of sewage treatment plants
JalSevak recycling solution can be installed at single-family residences as well as larger setups like apartment buildings, hosels, hotels, etc. Visit our Products page to check possible application areas and currently available solutions. Visit our Calculations page to download our savings calculator. In addition to calculating the water and sewage savings, it also gives an estimate of potential Return on Investments.
Recycling greywater can help achieve 3 goals

3 distinct advantages of greywater recycling

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